Hydraulic cylinders - Accessories


HPS manufactures and offers a range of dividers that feed the power of several hydraulic circuits using a single pump.

To support the projects of his clients, HPS offers a wide range of water and oil connectors for molds. Single or multi couplings, they are compatible and interchangeable with the most common components. Engraved HPS, they are easily identifiable and benefit from the guarantee and the HPS service everywhere in the world.

HPS also supplies hoses for Push-Lock fittings.

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Equipment HPS
Equipment HPS

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Special Cylinders

HPS production plants can design and manufacture all types of hydraulic cylinders, up to the maximum dimensions of 1 000 mm bore and 10 000 mm stroke.

All our hydraulic cylinders are monoblock designed or mechanically assembled. The housing can be block or cylindrical type.

Different types of fixation or oil feeding can be possible.

Various options are available : high temperature seals; waters-glycol seals; mechanical or inductive sensors; magnetic detectors; movement measurement systems; and very compact systems.